Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Wood Cut Out Name Plaque

Given a little advance warning you can easily make a personalized gift for any occassion.  I recently went to a dinner party and rather than bring the typical bottle of wine I made a wood cut out name plaque for the family.  Of course I'd be happy to receive a bottle wine, that's perfectly acceptable, but I prefer to make a unique gift.

diy wood cut out name plaque

I used scrap wood to put together this last name plaque and cut out the letters from 1/2" plywood but you could easily purchase premade letters and achieve a similar look.

plywood cut out letters

I just love seeing the plywood sandwich layers under the stain and all the grainy bits poking through.

diy wood cut out last name plaque

Down below I'll show you how to cut out the letters and assemble this name plaque.

Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

We can always use more storage and more counterspace right?  How about building a dedicated pantry cabinet that doubles as more serving space?  Today I'm sharing this freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet with free plans.

diy freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet

I've partnered with Build Something to bring you step by step plans so you can build this kitchen pantry cabinet.  Build Something is full of project plans by space and type so you can find inspiration for nearly any room in your home.  Before you head over there to check out the plans for this pantry cabinet be sure to read through my building tips below.

diy freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet

With the doors closed you would hardly suspect this cabinet is full of food storage!  And it's not meant for just the kitchen, you could use it in your office, craft room or work space too.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

DIY Cedar Scrap Wood Planter

What to do with all those short wood off cuts cluttering up your scrap bin?  Make a beautiful cedar scrap wood planter of course!  If you're like me then you can never let off cuts go to waste.

diy cedar scrap wood planter

I had a huge pile of short cedar wood scraps and two potted ferns that needed a home to cover that ugly plastic pot.  So I whipped up these slatted cedar planters and plopped my ferns in place.  I think they like their new home!

diy cedar scrap wood planter

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I choose to use cabinet screws in a decorative manner but they also serve a purpose holding the long sides to the short sides.  You could opt for finish nails which would be less obvious but they don't have the holding power of screws. 

diy cedar scrap wood planter

And bonus because this is cedar wood I can move these planters outdoors when the weather is warmer!  (Link to plans for the blue sideboard here.) Scroll down for free plans to make your own cedar planters.

Monday, March 13, 2017

How to: Large Gingham Painting

How to make a large gingham painting is as easy as coloring in the lines.  If you're looking to make a large statement piece, backdrop or wall panel this gingham pattern might just be the answer.  Pick the color best for your space and I'll show you how down below.

large gingham painting tutorial

In case you missed it last week I shared my Spring home tour along with 24 other bloggers and I included our Master Bedroom mantel in the tour.  Rarely do I dress up this mantel but this Spring seemed the perfect occassion and I'm so happy with the results.

large gingham painting tutorial

I had envisioned this large gingham painting for awhile and finally made it come to life.  It's a very easy process that results in a visually eye catching piece.

Scroll down below for the step by step instructions to make your own large gingham painting.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

DIY Giant Pot of Gold

Fitting for the season I'm sharing this giant pot of gold project today because sometimes you just need an enormous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

diy giant pot of gold

I actually made this giant pot of gold for the Spring auction for my kids school.  We had a shamrock 'race' whereby each class was raising money to move across the rainbow and get to the pot of gold in first place.  We had large 24" shamrocks the kids decorated and hung them in the school, this pot of gold was at the actual auction for decoration purposes only.

diy giant gold coins

The gold coins are my favorite part and a super simple craft project for you hot glue gun lovers.

diy giant pot of gold party decoration

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Touch of Spring 2017 Farmhouse Tour

A special hello to you readers coming from Cheryl's place at Tidy Mom.  Her family room is Spring time perfection if I do say so myself!  If you haven't visited please check it out, I'll be right here waiting.

Back in the Northeast we're in anticipation mode, it's an itch I want to get after and Spring always seems to slowly crawl it's way into town.  In hopes of coaxing the season along I've teamed up with 24 bloggers to share our Spring home tours, there's so much yummy inspiration and styles you can achieve so let's dive in.

spring family room giant wood planked wall quilt

I'm starting in the Family Room with few fresh and colorful touches to our normal neutral farmhouse style.

I believe every room possible is represented in the home tours so you'll want to stay awhile and browse around at all the homes.  A special thank you to April at House by Hoff and Krista at The Happy Housie for organizing this tour.

spring home tours seasonal simplicity

Judging by the little photos above I'm seeing a trend of floral and green for this Spring!
After you take a quick look below be sure to stop over at Jen's blog at House of Wood.  She lives in Texas where it's already Spring temps and her place is so gorgeous you'll want to move in!

diy giant wood planked wall quilt

I added this bright floral wreath to my wood planked wall quilt and wham we have a winner!  It's a match made in heaven between the wood tones and pretty little pale yellow flowers.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"O" is for Ottoman Tray

diy parquet ottoman tray

Build your own parquet patterned ottoman tray with handles using my free plans down below.

diy parquet tray

DIY Bunny Place Cards

Tutorial to make bunny place card holders

A simple bunny place card project for your Easter table today.  Gather up your scrap wood and make these super cute place card holders just in time for the holiday.

And surprise!  The backs of the bunnies have fun fabric, you could even use cardstock or decoupage any bright colored paper:

diy bunny place cards with fabric

I attached mini clothespins to the painted side and then inserted the names printed on cardstock:

diy bunny head place cards

Below are the step by step instructions to make these bunny place cards.  Be sure to read through all steps before beginning and always follow all safety precautions.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

DIY Outdoor Benches with Free Plans

We're on the verge of Spring here which has me thinking of everything outdoors.  Anyone else getting the outdoor living itch?  With that in mind I compiled my favorite DIY outdoor benches from some fellow bloggers.  All of these benches include free plans so you can build your own and make the most of your outdoor space!

diy outdoor benches free plans

It's likely you might have a tree in your yard just asking for bench.

Friday, February 17, 2017

DIY USA Map Wall Hanging

Who loves a good scrap fabric project?  I'm game anytime there's a bazillion bits of fabric involved and this USA map wall hanging project is just that.  Collect your favorite small fabric pieces and make a beautiful, colorful wall hanging plus I added an extra personal touch:

diy usa map wall hanging

See those little red wood hearts?  I made this wall hanging for my mom's birthday and each of the hearts represents one of her kids.  I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and we are spread out all over the US so this little map wall hanging is a daily reminder of us kids.

diy usa map wall hanging

diy usa map wall hanging

I framed the wall hanging by sandwiching the fabric between two wood boards.  The wood also acts as a weight to keep the wall hanging flat.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Back Foyer Makeover

Popping in with a little back foyer makeover that's been long overdue since we moved in three and a half years ago.  First an after picture because we all love a finished beauty shot:

back foyer makeover

And the before:

farmhouse back foyer before

It's not all that bad right?  Plus it's a pass through space that is typically dark and no one really focuses on that area.  But it didn't feel connected to the rest of our house because it was neglected.  And I must admit I did add that clear glass dome light fixture when we first moved in (the previous owners removed their fixture and left it empty) but I think it was a rush decision on my part and never really felt like the right fit.

My husband despised the wallpaper and it was all ripped up and missing above the bathroom door (because the bathroom vent was never actually connected to the hose that takes the hot air outside - insert eye roll - I found this out when redoing my girls closet upstairs.  So every time someone took a shower all the steam poured out and magically removed the wallpaper.)  And the paint on the closet doors was peeling off because the prior painter didn't prep the doors properly.

back foyer wallpaper before

After a little elbow grease removing the wallpaper, installing board and batten trim and sanding and painting everything we have a fresh space that blends with our home:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

DIY Vanity Desk with Deep Drawers

No you are not seeing a repeat of the vanity desk build but rather a new and improved version with four small drawers and two deep drawers.  

Having two girls means I get to make a lot of projects twice, oh joy!  On the bright side whenever you have to make something more than once there is always room for improvement and that's why I'm sharing the modified plans for this desk.

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

I originally posted this diy vanity desk last June with it's fun modern hardware pulls built for my youngest daughter:

diy vanity desk with free plans

This past Fall I finally got around to making the second desk for my older daughter and decided having 8 small drawers wasn't working but rather we needed 4 small drawers and 2 deeper drawers for bigger items:

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

Plus visually I think having the larger drawers helps give weight to the design.  At any rate I actually stole 4 small drawers from desk #1 to use for desk #2 and modified the original desk adding 2 deep drawers on that one too. 

So now both girls have the same desk except different colored hardware pulls.  They're fun and most importantly functional for all their bits and pieces.

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

I have plans down below for the modification with the deep drawers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Wood Turkey Place Card Holder

diy wood turkey place card holder

Who loves to make crafts with wood?  Me of course, so what's more appropriate for Thanksgiving than a wood turkey place card holder?

diy wood turkey place card holder

It's a super easy wood craft that the kids can get involved in by painting the feathers.  I'll show you how down below.

"S" is for Starry Side Table

diy round game table with handpaint star pattern

A quick side table makeover for a round game table in our family room.

A friend had given me this little round side table in an all over dark brown finish.  I needed to refinish the top and decided I would tackle the entire piece.

I painted the base with Annie Sloan Old Ochre chalk paint, stripped the top surface, painted navy stars all around and sealed with 3 coats of satin poly:

diy round game table with handpaint star pattern

This round side table is the perfect addition to our family room.
I can honestly say it gets used every single day by my kids and myself.

DIY Wood Cut Out Valentine Decor

It's the season of love and since I love working with wood I thought I'd make a wood cut out Valentine decoration.  A few hearts and the date complete this wood cut out decor: 

diy wood cut out valentine decor

I'm joining five other DIY bloggers today in sharing our hearts for the first annual Makers Heart Attack.

makers heart attack

Please feel free to join us on social media by tagging your heart projects with #makersheartattack and be sure to stop by my fellow blog friends to check out their creative heart projects:

So much heart goodness and fun ideas!  My creative heart is a scrap buster project so if you're hoarding left over off cuts then this Valentine decor is for you.  Below I will share the step by step process to create this wood cut out valentine decor and you can apply this method to any sign.

diy wood cut out valentine decor

I used a combination of my scroll saw and blade runner, which is similar to a jigsaw but stationary, to cut out the letters, numbers and shapes.  I love the way the 1/2" plywood pops off the board and creates dimension:

cut out wood shapes